viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

News on LaTroy Hawkins 05/24/13

LaTroy Hawkins

LaTroy Hawkins is now part of the Mets' 25-man roster  he is trained on Spring Training after signing a minor league deal.he passed the fiscal test  and has a 3.15 ERA.. He's 40 years old, but Hawk is showing the mets s still a valuable piece, now that he is looking back at the years he spend with the Chicago cubs .he is trying to make up all the mistakes in the past and correct them now in the mets.
"this is my moment to show the mets i still am Latroy Hawkins". The mets are trying to make things up this season even if there not in first place but to re force more there bullpen isn't a bad LaTroy Hawkins is cheering his team (the mets) ,so at least they can get more deeper on October.
the eternal rivals ,the Atlanta Braves ans the Nationals still have s what it takes to make it to the playoff.LaTroy Hawkins may be a the key for the mets to maintain some innings on there favor but its gonna take more than that to save the mets, it will be team work , discipline and .LaTroy Hawkins is one of the 25 men responsible of getting ranked on the national league in the east division .LaTroy Hawkins can improve in time ,in his hands and the other relief pitchers are all responsible for the future of the mets this season.we do not know if the mets are going to sign new arms this season or to call form minor league old faces form other teams  what we know is that the mets are planing to rebuild the team as soon as possible and in there future we may see LaTroy Hawkins .

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